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Studying at UQ College

As soon as you join UQ College you commence your journey as a student of The University of Queensland. You study on campus, share the university services and facilities and like all other university students can make the most of the university experience.

UQ College has a very close and collaborative relationship with The University of Queensland, our customised programs can provide a direct pathway into under-graduate programs at The University of Queensland, or other universities.

Students have access to outstanding learning environments with purpose-designed teaching spaces using the latest technology.

UQ College's student-centred learning approach, small-class sizes and specialist teachers supports students in achieving their full potential.

Our programs are purposefully designed to give students the academic skills and knowledge necessary to achieve success with their studies to pathway to unviersity and the broaden their skills for work.

UQ College students will also have fun by immersing themselves in a range of extracurricular activities, including sport, clubs, and societies, live performances, markets, exhibitions, and special events.


UQ College wants student to get the most out of their studies and enjoy time at the College, ensuring a study-life balance and that you seek help at an early stage if you are experiencing bully, sexual harassment and discrimination.

The booklet, which you can download, is to assist you on your journey throughout your program, to enable you to be able to identify bullying, sexual harassment or discrimination and have the knowledge to access available help should you need it.  If you experience these behaviours in any form, then we encourage you to take action as outlined in this information and the resources that are available to you.

Download R,N,A Booklet

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