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Tertiary Preparation Program

Program Overview

Your stepping stone to further study.

The Tertiary Preparation Program is a two trimester program that enables students to learn the core academic skills required for entry into undergraduate study at The University of Queensland.

Key Features:

TPP important information sheet

Program Aims

The Tertiary Preparation Program is a robust program offered to domestic students, which gives a pathway to further study options at The University of Queensland and other universities.

Program Objectives

At the completion of the Tertiary Preparation Program, students should be able to:

Program Structure

The Tertiary Preparation Program is comprised of five subjects, 2 core and 3 electives, as follows:


Academic English for University study: This course incorporates three major elements: English for Academic Purpose; University Study Introduction to Australian History; Instruction in the use of databases, library and online resources.

Pre-University Mathematics A (General Mathematics): This course aims to develop knowledge, skills and techniques required in an every-day life application of Mathematics.


Pre-University Mathematics B (Mathematical Methods): This course aims to develop an understanding of mathematical ideas to solve problems from a theoretical base.


Pre-University Business Management: This course is designed to provide a wide range of theory related to the discipline of Business Management.

Pre-University Economics: This course is designed to give general knowledge and thinking skills in Economics.

Pre-University Behavioural Science: This course is designed to introduce the facts, concepts and principles of Behavioural Science.

Pre-University Biology : This course is designed to provide knowledge of scientific concepts and facts in Biology.

Pre-University Chemistry: This course is designed to develop an understanding of basic Chemistry concepts.

Pre-university Research: This course is designed to provide knowledge and skills of critical thinking, problem solving, communication, research and analysis.

Pre-University Health Exercise and Diet: This course is designed to introduce students to the influence of diet and exercise on health, fitness and well-being.


Do you meet eligibility criteria?

To be eligible to apply for the Tertiary Preparation Program you must be 18 years of age or have completed Year 12.

The Tertiary Preparation Program is open to Australian domestic students as well as New Zealand citizens and holders of a permanent visa for Australia.

If you have completed 1 full year or more in a tertiary degree you will not be able to apply for the program.

Language Literacy and Numeracy Test

The Language Literacy and Numeracy Testing is conducted for all applicants.

What is an LLN test?

The Language, Literacy and Numeracy test, known as the LLN test, is a test undertaken through the application process. It forms part of the entry requirements for the Tertiary Preparation Program and contains questions directly related to the courses of English and Mathematics. The test is divided into three sections, English, Math A and Math B.

What is the purpose of the LLN test?

The purpose of the Language, Literacy and Numeracy test is to assess your current level of competency in English and Mathematics, alongside providing an indication of your ability to flourish within the learning environment of the Tertiary Preparation Program.

Special Consideration is a College equity measure to ensure that appropriate allowances are made for students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

In particular that the LLN test may impact negatively on the students’ ability to demonstrate their learning achievements. Students are asked to self-identify for special consideration.

How to Apply

Applying for the Tertiary Preparation Program couldn’t be easier!

Click on the Application Button to complete your application.

To start your journey of becoming a UQ College student.

How to Apply

  1. Download the Application Form and complete all sections
  2. Your typed name is acceptable as a signature
  3. Save the form as a PDF file
  4. Email your completed application form, including a copy of your photographic ID and any qualifications if relevant, to:

TPP is delivered over 28 weeks in two trimester periods. The program is delivered at UQ College St Lucia Campus.


There are No Tuition Fees for this program.

Textbooks: Students are expected to purchase prescribed text and course books within the first week of the program. Textbooks may cost up to, but no more than $400.


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