UQ College

Developing successful partnerships underpin and benefit positive endeavours

Connecting with like-minded organisations and working together for mutual benefit is a top priority for UQ College. We encourage you to come forward and discuss new opportunities.


UQ College is committed to linking with leading edge organisations to grow capacity and broaden opportunities for adult learners to engage in, and succeed in tertiary level education. Our commitment strives for:


The University of Queensland 

The University of Queensland (UQ) created UQ College to develop alternate pathways for students wishing to undertake further study. Strong links and collaborative arrangements have been established between both organisations for the development and design of academic programs for delivery by UQ College.

A cooperative partnership created between UQ College and UQ developed the Associate Degree in Business program, which will strengthen ongoing development and continuous improvement approaches with the program and guide future program development.

Future programs are being developed in close consultation with relevant UQ faculties to ensure they meet the needs of our clients and articulate into higher level awards.


The International Education Services 

IES has established a reputation as an outstanding provider of educational products and services specifically for the international education sector. IES assisted UQ College facilitate our offering of the Tertiary Preparation Program to domestic students.

We have negotiated a Memorandum of Understanding outlining a schedule of services to enable UQ College to deliver a quality program. Mutual benefit will result from IES and UQ College cooperating and working collaboratively in providing quality preparatory/foundation programs for international and domestic students respectively.


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