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Tertiary Preparation Program (TPP)

What is the Tertiary Preparation Program?

This is a bridging program offered to domestic students. It is a robust program with a pathway to further study options at The University of Queensland and other universities.

How long does the TPP Program take?

The program runs for 28 weeks, 2 trimesters of 14 weeks each.

Can the TPP be done part time?

You can complete TPP on a part-time basis. If you do part time it will take you at least 4 trimesters to complete 5 subjects of the TPP.

I have to withdraw from the TPP course before it has started, is there a penalty for withdrawing?

There is no penalty for withdrawing prior to census date. If you wish to reapply for a future intake, simply complete and submit a new application

How much does the TPP Program Cost?

Currently there are no tuition Fees for this program.

Where is the TPP Application form?

Option1: The TPP application form is embedded in the information on the TPP Program Page. Download the form, complete it and email to info@uqcollege.edu.au.

Option2: Call UQ College 07 3346 8222 and we will email you an Application form.

Option3: Email info@uqcollege.edu.au to request the form.

Can I work and still participate in the Tertiary Preparation Program?

Success in this program generally requires a commitment of at least 25 hours per week of contact over 4 days with additional study required. UQ College recommends no more than 10 – 15 hours of paid work per week as a guideline

How can I defer my exams?

You are required to complete the form “Application for deferred examination” This form is available from UQ College reception or email info@uqcollege.edu.au

What do I do if I want to change my subjects?

Contact UQ College on 07 3346 8222 to make an appointment with the Higher Education Coordinator.

Is TPP face to face or can I do it online?

The TPP is a face to face program delivered over 28 weeks in 2 trimester periods. The program is offered at UQ College St Lucia Campus. The TPP is not offered online

What does unsatisfactory academic progress mean? I have received an email asking me to make an appointment.

If you have received such an email it means that we are concerned about your marks/attendance and wish to discuss if there is anything we can do to assist you.

I am from New Zealand, can I do the TPP?

New Zealand citizens are considered as Australian domestic students and are therefore eligible to apply for the TPP

How old do I have to be to do TPP?

The prerequisite for entry into this program is that you must be 18, or turning 18 during the program. However if you have completed Grade 12, you can be eligible with a parents signature if under 18.

If I have been to university and have a degree can I apply for the TPP?

TPP is an enabling program funded by the Commonwealth Government to assist those who have not had the opportunity to complete university studies. Any applicant who has completed 8 or more courses of study at university is not eligible to apply for this program.

As a UQ College student will I have the same benefits as a UQ student?

As soon as you join UQ College you commence your journey as a student of The University of Queensland. You study on campus, share the university services and facilities and like all other university students can make the most of the university experience

Should I let you know if I am not coming to class?

It is a requirement to advise the College by phone or email of your non-attendance.

You ask for one form of photo identification? Will any photo do?

We do require official proof of ID, a drivers licence, passport or if you are from overseas we require your visa and passport as we are required to verify your ability to study in Australia.

What do I need to do after I accept myTPP offer?

UQ College will add you on the Si-net system. You will receive an email from The University of Queensland. Sometimes this email may go to junk/spam. Please check your email and follow the instruction to activate your student account.

The link in the activation email is only valid for a short period of time. If you missed your activation, please call UQ ITS on 07 3365 6000 for assistance.

How many days do I have classes on campus?

Studying full-time is 4 days a week. If you study part time load, you may have classes 2 to 3 days. Please wait to find out your class timetable on orientation day.

What do I need to do on Si-net?

At least two weeks prior to orientation, UQ College will send you an email. This email will be sent to your personal and UQ email account. If you read these emails carefully and enrol in your courses on Si-net, you will have a smooth start to your program

I need documentation for Centrelink?

The document you need for Centrelink is called a Status of Enrolment Report. You can find this document on Si-net. 24 hours after you enrol in your courses, you can go into Si-net - find the Enrolments & Timetables. In this area, you can find the document called a Status of Enrolment Report. You need to print this off and take to Centrelink, as confirmation of your enrolment.

Where can I find term dates, and holiday dates?

The UQ College calendar is at the back of your student handbook, also you can find it on the UQ College website

I cannot find my login details to enrol.

Check your junk/spam mail first, if you still cannot find your email, please call UQ College 07 3346 1013.

Why are my classes in my timetable clashing on Si-net?

Please ignore the timetable on Si-net. If you come to the orientation day, you will receive your correct timetable. If you do not attend orientation your timetable will be emailed to you.

Certificate IV in University Preparation Program (UPC)

What is the Certificate IV in University Preparation Program (UPC)?

This is a bridging program offered to domestic students. It is an intensive program over 4 weeks face to face on St Lucia Campus to gain a prerequisite

How long does the UPC Program take?

The program runs for 4 Weeks.

How much does the UPC Program Cost?


How do I enrol?

You enrol online through the UQ College website

Is UPC face to face or can I do it online?

The UPC is a face to face program delivered over 4 weeks at UQ College St Lucia Campus. The TPP is not offered online.

Am I eligible?

You are eligible to study this course if you meet the entry requirements. Entry requirements are the minimum qualifications, knowledge, skills, experience and attributes you need to successfully complete a course or program.

Eligibility Math B: To determine your eligibility for UPRMTH401 within 10246NAT Certificate IV in University Preparation it is important that you complete an Application Form. Ensure this form has been fully completed and signed, and all entry requirement documentation is included. The application form saved and forwarded to: info@uqcollege.edu.au

Eligibility Biology or Chemistry: To determine your eligibility for UPRCHE401, UPRBIO401 within 10246NAT Certificate IV in University Preparation it is important to apply online through the UQ College website, and all entry requirement documentation to be attached to your online enrolment.

Do I have to attend every day?


Certificate IV in Adult Tertiary Preparation (CATP)

Where is the 10765NAT Certificate IV in Adult Tertiary Preparation (online) Application form?

Go to the CATP program page, select the Apply tab and complete your application online.

Please read the instructions to ensure you have all required documentation and information ready before submitting your application.

What does 10765NAT mean in my qualification?

10765 is the qualification code allocated to the curriculum document

NAT indicates it is a nationally recognised and accredited qualification

What is a USI and do I need one?

The Unique Student Identifier (USI) is a reference number allocated to each person undertaking a nationally recognised training (VET) course.

It is now a requirement to have a USI number to receive your Qualification or Statement of Attainment. If you don’t already hold a USI, you will need to go to https://www.usi.gov.au to create one.

Students applying for the TPP course do not need a USI number.

Is there HECs-Help available for Intensive Courses?

No this is a full fee paying VET pre-requisite course and is not covered by HECS-HELP.

Can I do three courses at the same time?

It is recommended to complete one unit of competency at a time.

Language Literacy and Numeracy Test (LLN)

Can you send me a previous test or tell me what I should study?

We do not supply copies of previous tests. We can refer you to Khan Academy for some examples of questions.

Why do I have to do a test to get into the intensive course (UPC)?

The test is designed to ensure that you will be able to cope with the workload.

How soon do I know if I have passed (TPP)?

Once you have completed the test, it will be marked on the same day and then you will have an interview. Your results will be discussed and if you have been successful, you will be assisted in choosing your subjects and made an offer to join the intake you have applied for.

Who marks the LLN test?

The LLN test is marked by UQ College authorised management only. To maintain integrity and fairness, applicants are unknown to markers

Where do I do the LLN test (TPP)?

Individual testing: UQ College will call and email applicants to arrange a mutually convenient time to attend UQ College for the LLN test.

What is a Language, Literacy and Numeracy test?

The Language, Literacy and Numeracy test, known as the LLN test, is manual test undertaken at the time of application. It forms part of the entry requirements for the Tertiary Preparation Program (TPP) and contains questions directly related to the courses English and Mathematics. The test is divided into three sections, English, Math A and Math B

What does a LLN test involve?

The Language Literacy and Numeracy test consists of some multiple choice spelling, comprehension and self-expression (writing) plus Maths A and Maths B questions. They are equivalent to expected Year 12 knowledge.

Although study for the test is not required you can search Khan Academy for some examples on Maths B questions

Please note that calculators are not permitted

What is the LLN pass mark?

Successful entry to the Tertiary Application Program (TPP) is based on a number of factors, the Language Literacy and Numeracy test being one of them. We recommend applicants focus on doing their best and not simply what is required

I want to resit the test, what do I do?

Applicants who have been unsuccessful in their application for a specific TPP intake are able to reapply and resit the LLN test for following program intakes. Simply send an email to info@uqcollege.edu.au indicating your desire to reapply. Please advise your original intake so we can obtain your application details

Student Support Services

I need help

UQ College is here to support you. In the first instance contact UQ College via 07 3346 8222 business hours.

Do I have to disclose if I have any disabilities or other problems?

No you don’t have to, but we would advise that if you do, this would enable us to help you with your studies by offering support and or referring you to University’s Counsellors.

How do I get help if I have a disability/learning problem etc

UQ College can assist you and put you in touch with assistance from UQ. Please be advised that anything which is discussed is kept confidential. You can also meet with the Higher Education Coordinator who can assist with any academic issue which may arise.

What is Student Services?

Student Services provide specialised support for students to assist them in managing the challenges of life while studying, and helping to ensure that these challenges do not unduly effect your ability to study at university.

Specialised support is provided for students with diagnosed health or mental health issues, disabilities or injuries. Free counselling is available by appointment, as are free one on one sessions regarding accommodation needs or learning support needs. You can see their full range of services at https://my.uq.edu.au/information-and-services/student-support/.

Am I eligible for Centrelink if I study at UQ College?

Full time Tertiary Preparation Program students may be eligible for Youth Allowance or Austudy.

You will need to provide proof of enrolment during the application process, which can be obtained from mysinet. To apply for Centrelink go to the Centrelink website

Is financial support available for UQ College students?

No scholarships are currently available for UQ College students. However, when you finish your studies with us you may be eligible for financial hardship or faculty-specific scholarships. For a full list of scholarship and application criteria go to the website https://scholarships.uq.edu.au/.

The UQ Union provides emergency student loans and can provide emergency food packages on request.

Am I eligible for a concession go card?

Full time Tertiary Preparation Program students are eligible for a concession card. Proof of enrolment can be obtained from mysinet.

Details on the application process and eligibility are available on the website https://translink.com.au/tickets-and-fares/concessions/tertiary

Where can I top up my go card on campus?

There are go card machines located at the Chancellor’s Place and UQ Lakes bus stops. If you take the CityCat, you can top up your go card on board.

Alternatively, you can purchase new cards and top up existing cards at the newsagent on Staff House Road.

Is there support for people with disabilities at UQ College?

UQ College students are granted the same privileges and supports as UQ students. This means that you can access the full range of support services provided by Student Services.

This includes learning support, assistive technology, and at times, peer writers. See https://my.uq.edu.au/information-and-services/student-support/diversity-disability-inclusion.

Contact UQ College on 07 3346 8222 for more Information.

I have a mental illness. Is there support for me at UQ College?

UQ College is committed to supporting students with mental health issues. UQ College students are granted the same privileges and support as other UQ students.

Student Services provides mental health support under Diversity, Disability and Inclusion (DDI) and provides 10 free counselling sessions a year to students through the counselling program. Students also receive bulk-billed treatment through the St Lucia Medical Clinic.

Alternatively, there are a range of community health services which you can use. If you are under 25 look up Headspace, or try Beyond Blue for information and resources. These services are open to all members of the public.

What support is there for Indigenous or Torres Strait Islander students?

Indigenous and Torres Strait Islander students are supported through UQ’s Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Support Unit (ATSIS). A range of support is available for registered students, including academic support and one to one mentoring for your subjects, accommodation support and advice and help with enrolling and scholarships.

The ATSIS unit are housed in the Bookshop Building, and are equipped with a computer room, study spaces and lunch space. For more information please go to https://atsis.uq.edu.au/, call 07 3443 1404 or visit them on Level 2 of the Bookshop Building (Building 4).

Can I get involved with clubs and societies and other UQ activities?

UQ College Tertiary Preparation Program students are a part of the university body and may participate in any UQ event or associated club or society.

There is definitely something for everybody and we encourage you to get involved. Clubs and Societies are a great way to network, meet like-minded people, make new friends and gain subject-specific support.

For a list of clubs and societies got to the UQ Union website

Are there any discounts available on campus?

UQ Union runs the majority of food and drink vendors on campus and provides a discount card, available for purchase at all UQU vendors. This discount card provides a 10% discount at participating stores.

I’m worried about my ability to study. Does UQ College provide academic support?

In addition to the ongoing one to one support provided by your teachers. UQ College runs a series of academic workshops through each trimester on a range of skills, including time management, research and note-taking and exam preparation.

Check out the Academic Workshops Program Guide in the Blackboard Common Room. These are open to all UQ College students, in any program.

Support workshops are available online.

For more information see the website https://my.uq.edu.au/information-and-services/student-support/study-skills. The Central Library runs workshops on a range of technical subjects including software help, research and referencing.

Can I defer my assessment if needed?

Students with medical grounds, bereavement or other compelling reasons can apply for assignment extensions on a case by case basis through negotiation with the relevant teacher.

Students with medical grounds, bereavement or other compelling reasons can apply for deferred exams on a case by case basis. Contact the UQ College reception on 07 3346 8222

I need to find some accommodation – what kind of accommodation is available for students?

Students can access Campus Colleges, rent a room or studio apartment in university apartment complexes, for example UniLodge, Urbanest or Scape. University lodges provide reasonably priced apartments and come with a range of social and lifestyle benefits included in the package.

Many students also choose to share accommodation. UQ can assist with this through their classifieds page – UQ Rentals

I’d like to connect with like-minded people. What social opportunities are there at UQ College and UQ?

UQ College runs several social events through the trimester. These events are to help you unwind and get to know the other students studying at UQ College with you. Information about these events is communicated via email and social media.

UQ offers a range of ways to meet like-minded people and make new friends. You could join a club or society. The UQ Union facilitates over 220 of them, from special interest clubs to faculty-specific societies. Joining a club is a great way to make friends with similar interests, network and, importantly, have fun!

UQ Mates is an organisation dedicated fostering connections between students, and of course, you will meet new friends through studying with us! https://my.uq.edu.au/information-and-services/student-support/settling-uq/uq-mates.

Consider the possibilities of making new friends through volunteering,

Are students supported if they need to get medical treatment?

All UQ College Tertiary Preparation Program students have full access to the health services provided by the St Lucia Medical Clinic in the Gordon Greenwood Building (32).

You can book an appointment online or in person. Make sure to have your Medicare or Private Healthcare card and student ID card with you. The clinic also has a visiting psychologist and psychiatrist. https://www.uqhcstlucia.com.au/.

There are also physiotherapy, psychological and dental clinics on campus, and a pharmacy.

Let UQ College know if you anticipate any disruptions due to your health. Contact the Program Coordinator Higher Education through UQ College reception on 07 3346 8222 to discuss how we can support you.

English is my second language and I am worried that I will not understand my classes.

English as a second language is not taught at UQ College. However, our Academic English class will assist you to improve your ability to read and write academically. Consider taking up tuition elsewhere for further speaking or listening practice.

There are many free conversation groups located across Brisbane which are open to members of the public.

I’m interested in Volunteering. Where can I sign up?

Volunteering is a great way to meet new friends, get involved, help others and add important experience to your resume. Volunteering at UQ can create future opportunities in unexpected ways.

UQ Volunteering is run under a program called the UQ Student Leaders Program. Opportunities exist to get involved during campus events such as Market Day and Orientation Week, or perhaps you would like to be a student mentor to help new students feel welcome.

Sign up at the Employability UQ website.

You can also sign up for volunteering opportunities with the UQ Union (UQU) at https://www.uqu.com.au.

I’m struggling to study full-time, meet my personal commitments and have a social life – what should I do?

While juggling the needs of the program and your other priorities is no doubt a challenge, it certainly is possible. Consider working on your Time Management by attending the Time Management Workshop.

Alternatively, there are a range of online guides, you can start with the guides here https://my.uq.edu.au/information-and-services/student-support/study-skills.

You can organise one on one appointments with learning mentors through UQ Student Services

I’m having some legal difficulties. Can I get legal aid at UQ?

Yes, legal aid is provisioned through Student Advocacy and Support, the support program of the UQ Union (UQU), who provide free, independent and short-term support for all UQ and UQ College students enrolled in the Tertiary Preparation Program.

You can book one hour free consultations through the UQ Union website.

Do I have to apply to QTAC when I finish if I wish to start studying a degree?

Yes. To start an application go to https://www.qtac.edu.au and sign up as an applicant, after which you can begin a new application.

I need some help completing my QTAC application.

All UQ College students are welcome to attend UQ College’s QTAC Workshop which is run each trimester. See the Academic Support Program in the Blackboard UQ College Common Room for more information.

This workshop will run: Trimester 1, 2, 3 - see News and Events

If you have further, or more urgent inquiries regarding your application to QTAC please contact the UQ College office in Sir Llew Edwards Building (14) Level 4, University Drive, St Lucia Qld 4072.

Who should I ask for help regarding Library resources?

Margaret Sloan-McDonald is our library liaison officer. She is happy to help students one to one. You can call 07 3443 1340 or email m.sloan-mcdonald@library.uq.edu.au. Margaret also comes to the College through the Trimester to help students for the Library Pop-Up program.

You can find many library self-help guides here https://web.library.uq.edu.au/library-services/training. You can find information on the Library’s series of workshops on technical matters here too.

Who can I speak to about LGBTQI+ matters?

UQ has a special program called the UQ Ally Network. UQ Allies are people who take equity and diversity seriously. UQ Allies are not specialists in LGBTQI+ matters, but they are committed to ensuring a safe and discrimination-free environment.

You can find an Ally by looking for staff wearing the rainbow triangle or a rainbow lanyard. A list of all registered staff and information about the Ally program and a list of other support services can be found at the UQ staff website.

If you want counselling or other support you can gain free one to one counselling with both UQU and Student Services through their counselling programs (see related questions).

I’m interested in doing an internship or overseas exchange during my university program. Who should I speak to?

The Employability Centre is dedicated to assisting students to gain work experience, placement in industry internships, and help students organise international exchanges.

Information on their services can be found here https://employability.uq.edu.au. The Employability Centre also facilitates UQ Volunteering and the UQ Mates program. It’s never too early to begin to network!

If I am not available to attend TPP orientation, is that a problem?

Orientation is an important part of your start with UQ College. During the day you will meet new class members, teachers and staff from the College who will be able to help you with your questions.

You will be shown how to use Blackboard, an important part of your study help. You will be given your individual timetable and be shown how to read it and so much more. So we believe it is really important to attend.

Is orientation compulsory?

We highly recommend you attend orientation. This is the day you will meet your teachers, UQ College staff and your classmates. We will talk about the program, course structure, study hours, assessment and most important, guide you through some key systems you will need to use.

Studying at UQ College

Why should I study at UQ College

UQ College programs prepare you for success at university and equip you to achieve your ambitions. They allow you to experience the excitement and satisfaction of becoming immersed in life as a university student.

Our aim across all programs is to assist your successful transition into undergraduate study.


I’ve been accepted into the TPP and currently don’t live in Brisbane, is there student accommodation?

You are able to apply through UQ for student accommodation. There is on campus and off campus options to be considered, please visit: https://www.liveuq.edu.au or https://uqrentals.com.au.

What is the campus like and is it safe after hours?

You can find a campus map on UQ’s website https://maps.uq.edu.au/st-lucia. There is a Safety Bus available after 6pm all year, Monday to Friday, except on Public Holidays. However unless you are studying in the Library after class that should not be a worry as the TPP classes finish by 4pm

Can I park on campus?

Yes you can and you would be best looking for Blue Zone (14P daily) which charges you a flat rate per day ($5). UQ uses CellOPark, an app on your phone to charge you for the time you park. If you have any questions regarding parking, please call PF Assist on 07 3365 2222

Complaints and Compliments

How do I submit a complaint?

In the first instance speak with your Teacher to see if your concern can be resolved

If you need to escalate to a formal complaint, we have a ‘Have Your Say’ form which is available from UQ College reception or digital download here. Note: If using the digital download version please use Adobe Acrobat Reader or data entered into the fields will be lost. You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader at https://get.adobe.com/reader/

The ‘Complaints Handling and Appeals’ Policy is available for digital download here or from UQ College reception

How do I submit a compliment?

It is always wonderful to be recognised.

We have a ‘Have Your Say’ form which is available from UQ College reception or digital download here. Note: If using the digital download version please use Adobe Acrobat Reader or data entered into the fields will be lost. You can download Adobe Acrobat Reader at https://get.adobe.com/reader/